Monday, January 11, 2016

Some more motivation for goals!!

Ah, I started with this "goal" thing two days back, and wohooo guess what?! I haven't studied a single thing in the past two days. Going really fast towards my goal, doesn't I. Shit man, I want to slap myself but I have got a better idea.

Actually today I went to the market to buy bean bags, and boy, I seriously want those. When I was trying those bags, this "awesome" idea struck my mind.

I want this, right. But how badly do I want this?! The answer is I wanted to get it packed at that very moment only. And the next question is what's the most important thing I need to do right now? Well, I know in my mind and ofcourse in my blood-pumping heart too, that I need to solve those three chapters of CP book before I start with a full-swing participation in coding competitions. Even my first goal is related to this :

Huh, then I guess trade is simple. At least for me. Solve the three chapters : Data structures and libraries, Problem Solving Paradigms, and Graphs. And get ready to enjoy the comfort of bean bag.

I am going to do every thing that it takes to get it done now.

Halla Bol !

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