Sunday, March 27, 2016

Resources for loads of Linux fun

I am very weak as of now in my understanding of Linux, but I am hell bent to be awesome at it.

Lately, on my exploration of the net, I stumbled on a few great resources, and I am saving them for the upcoming summer or whenever I want to have some fun while learning Linux!

Resources for Capture The Flag

Just two days ago, I didn't even know what CTFs are. But after reading about them I am really excited to go on and solve the puzzles in this new arena!

This post is live and resources will keep on adding as I work through this :

Monday, March 21, 2016

Olympic Athlete mindset !

Read Benjamin Gregory's answer to How can I study for 10+ hours a day without getting depressed and how can I make myself get used to it? on Quora

Useful resources I found while making a web spider

For the past few days, I have been trying to implement a javascript-enabled web spider, and finally I successfully implemented it yesterday.

Actually, it was an internship challenge task given by SocialCops, and I finally submitted it today. Fingers crossed for the results !

This post is not about how to make web spider or any resource provider of some sort for the same. Sorry if you landed here because of the misleading title!

I am writing this post, so as to keep a list of all the great links that I found while making the web spider, the ones that I would visit frequently from now on. Almost all of them are programming related, and I assure you that they are just awesome!

Have a look on them!

Too many of them, but all of them are kind of gems!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Self-realization : Why I have not been able to do what all I want to do?

First things first !

I want to do a lot of things, and I mean it. Loads of stuff. I want to be a good competitive programmer, I want to implement my ideas and I have to learn full stack development for that, I want to learn a lot of maths around me, I want to many of the physics concepts that I never understood in my school time, I want to make many science projects, I want to learn to play guitar, to learn about machines, to design, to work on distributed systems, to make contributions to open source, to read research papers, to understand those papers, then to come up with my own ideas, to learn the hell of everything in my computer system, and the list goes on.


I haven't done anything as of yet, and I am nowhere even near to anyone of these.

This should be very clear to anyone who look at my recent posts as all of them have been related to what all problems I am facing when focusing on any particular thing, and all the solutions that I have tried so far.


Yesterday I gave the my last mid-semester paper, and that opened my eyes to the real root of the problem, and what could be done for that.

When I was preparing for this exam, I was procrastinating to such an extent that I started studying for this subject only hours before the exam.

So, why did I stop procrastinating at some point before the exam? Because the exam time was fixed. It could not be delayed. If I had the power to delay it, I would have continued with my procrastination.

Another problem?!

Most of the things I want to do, don't have a fixed deadline. Okay there is one, my death. But I guess I am nowhere serious about it. Maybe I have forgotten that I am a mortal being.

Quick glance!

So, what I have been doing till now to achieve what I want to?!

2 things -

  • One, I start with one thing, but after some time I switch to another thing, never to see the face of the previous one most of the times.
  • I try to adjust two, three of four things together, making a routine, and all those shitty stuff.

None of them work, and they won't ever.

Time to change the approach.

One good thing that I started doing lately is mark the things that I want to in my phone calendar, and I don't add something like "I will do X in 1 year", but something I can do in a few days.

But because of procrastination, I end up delaying it, just to remove it from my to-do list after some time without even doing it.

So, what I am going to now?!

Here is the list, and I am going to strictly adhere to it. And I mean it.

  • Combine the short tasks with short rewards. Complete your small task, and get rewarded. A movie, or an episode from House M.D. works well.
  • As a task enters your to-do list, it gets completed no matter what. There is no turning back from now on.

And this is all what I meant when I made this tweet in the morning.

I thought it would be great if I make it clear to myself what I would be up to from now on. This article helped me do that.

Time to reach the sky !