Wish List

Here is a small list of things I wish/dream to have/do, in no particular order :) :) :)

Update 1 - I am adding 5 more to this list in 2013.

1. To spend a full weekend at LansDowne all alone!!
2. An electric keyboard with touch functionality ( No, I can't play a single note but I want to learn )
3. To teach math/science/computers for some time atleast, at any level.
4. To learn about various algorithms and go on to do some research in machine learning/ algorithms/  natural language processing.
5. To participate in the world finals of coding competitions.
6. To get selected for GSoC atleast for once!!
7. An Apple 64 GB iPad with Retina Display and Wi-Fi Cellular (4th Generation)
8. Complete all the mathematics courses provided at MIT OpenCourseWare
9. To build my first working Robot
10. To build a simple computer on my own!!
11. A world trip - particularly Paris, California, Mexico
12. To study/work for some time at MIT
13. To learn to sing. Don't laugh else I am going to punch you.
14. To learn to play with colors and make a few nice paintings.
15. To make an animated movie at some point of time.
16. To learn to drive car and bike comfortably on busy roads and highways.
17. A black-colored Audi R8 
18. To read all the books of Donald Knuth and yeah, get an opportunity to meet him!!
19. To learn to swim well. 
20. To learn Karate
21. To build a software of my own by the end of 2015
22. PlayStation 4 and then to play games for a few days in a continuous manner without caring for    anything else!!
23. To complete the Assassin's Creed series
24. A photo album having photographs with all those people who at some point of time were close to me.
25. To visit Sarvapriya Vihar in Delhi once again on some fresh and cool early winter morning and  spending some time there!!
26. To build a school in some remote place in my country where students are taught in the real sense
27. To publish a research paper of mine.
28. To write a novel
29. To make a few awesome games!!
30. To win a medal for my country

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