Sunday, January 17, 2016

Break time : Starting my journey to Chennai tomorrow !!

Time for a break.

Not exactly, as I would still be solving algorithmic problems. But not from UVAoj. I would be leaving tomorrow from here for ACM ICPC Chennai regionals.

Guess what I didn't know a day back what I would be doing during all my journey. During an interaction with a junior, I realised the contest problems given for IITB internship are quite challenging. ( My definition of challenging is a problem that I can't think of a solution for in a few seconds )

So, yeah those are challenging. So, I would be spending my time with them only, and ofcourse how can one forget the Cormen book. And I guess these two are more than to make the journey lively.

See you all on the Republic Day of India.

Till then, ek break to banta hai yaar !

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