Thursday, February 11, 2016

How could my focus power improve?

Okay, I have already described in my earlier posts how difficult it has been for me to focus at a single task. I still remember how difficult it has been. But lately, I have sensed something strange with me. Even I am surprised how it could be. In the past days, I have been able to focus on my current tasks almost effortlessly.

I am writing this post to document what all changes have come in my lifestyle, intentionally or not. This will help me understand what is that thing that is working for me.

  • First, I have stopped sleeping early. I have tried this for 3 semesters now, and it didn't work. So, this semester I have started waking up till late at night ( around 2 am ) and I wake up at around 8-9 am.

    Now, two things are here to be noticed. Firstly, I am sleeping late at night, and secondly I am now sleeping for only 6-7 hours a day. While earlier, I, many a days, used to sleep for 9-10 hours. So, forcibly reducing my sleep has done this good to me? May be.
  • Secondly, I now use a calendar, where I mark the tasks that I have to do, and once I complete those tasks that I move on to other tasks.
  • May be this is just an after effect of first point but right now I am doing a lot of hard work, and I mean it. I can feel it, seriously. Which in itself makes me happy.
  • Earlier, I used to start a task and not finish it, but now I take a task, and I finish it most of the time. This makes sure that there are no dangling pointers in my head. This may be a key ingredient here.
I can think of all this only. I will update it if I realize that there is something more to all this. Till then, keep going !

And yeah, I have not yet written my experiences of ACM ICPC Chennai regionals. I will write that one too in the next few days.