Saturday, March 1, 2014

entangled within..

entangled within my own thoughts,
trying hard to read the scribblings on the wall
asking myself what am i learning
or am i learning something even..
is this what they call education ??

feeling afraid that my mind won't have an answer for this
i posed this enigma of mine to him
out of curiosity.
but thankfully he did have an answer
So he asked me with a breath of warmth
are you in some hurry ?
I said- "No, but what's the matter";
"Well you seem to be in some hurry,
 as if you need to catch any ferry..
 Remember-learning is a life long process
 it's less of a destination and more of a journey,
 a journey of exploration,
 some kind of quest for knowledge"

Seeing me all confused, he asked what happened..
i could barely speak but then told him in a bit low tone
that it all seems scrambled,
for my teachers use to tell me i am not good at learning
as i don't get good marks like others..
so i probably thought learning was about marks and appreciation
but now you say it's some kind of exploration..

My mind gave me a superb smile
and advised me not to worry about it,
for those are the foolish men who think only a little bit,
these are the ones bcoz of whom it took Galileo
so many years to come,
and forced genius Einstein to feel as a child
as if he was a failure..

"These are the ones who feel proud
 to remain as parrot, and
 not evolve as a human..
 it's bcoz of them that our education system sucks to this extent,
 but now i want you to buck whatsoever it offend..
 Think of yours as an interesting voyage,
 which may be disturbed by a few storms
 setting up all this stupid norms..
 show them all how education is taught,
 and don't forget to help others, like you, out"

After all this, i felt some sense of change,
some kind of happiness all around me
and seemed as if the scribbling on the wall
became a lot more clear..
Well, it was just written out there-
" follow your passion
  and be a bit more curious about your surroundings
  for this is what learning is in real sense..."