Saturday, January 10, 2015

the half-open door..

Awakened from his deep sleep
lied on the bed, on the ball;
with eyelids shut, body still
dwelled in his soul, invisible to all
an impression, a face,
a face now gone!

This unknown and newborn absence
punching him
as if waves hitting the rocks,
wide opened those sad eyes;

all around, desolate and bereft
with just memories left;
was peeking into the room, the daylight
permeating the dark dearth
through that door, the half-open door!

the door left in this state,
may be in some hurry
but to him, a mark, a token
supplementing the bitter fact, in vain!

Standing tall, remorseful
for not waving a good bye,
realized that gone with his friend
are those scolding and surprises
that he got attached with;

Reaching for the door,
remembered the friend,
who edified him to an extent
no one ever did before
in his long past, coming to the fore;

hard to accept the exclusion,
harder to bear the exclusion
for more was to be done,
for more could have been done!

But time was gone, like always
splashing cold water on his face
but putting him in unusual case
awakening him to his mistake

as if shouting to its loudest
as if whispering to the deepest
"Beat your hard luck
with harder work"

ever, he might not meet
his friend, his roomie,
the rav boosting him
with some magical, infinite fuel,
the stimulus being his imagination

driving inside him,
a regard, a high esteem,
for those soft and harsh ways,
for that smart and amazing sense,
for those mesmerizing and funny acts

with this vista and with a vow,
a vow to meet that face somehow
in some cold morning, somewhere
in some city, from nowhere;

to manifest the image,
not that of a douchebag again
but that of a mind inquisitive;
left the room, did he
through that door, the half-open door!