Saturday, October 17, 2015

Log Entry : 17/10/2015

Okay, I decided writing logs a few days back but I am starting now. I guess it's much better than tweeting all day around; although I still like tweeting a lot.

So, today I slept a few extra hours, but it was amazing so to see so many dreams. I mean I felt good after I woke up, actually someone else woke me up. I had started playing a game of basketball, and a throw from one of my teammate was there, and I missed it. And then I woke up. But I am going to play basketball in the coming days for it's all holidays around. Atleast I am thinking of that.

Yesterday, I spent most of my time, actually all of it, trying to implement  closest pair of points problem. Right now I suck at implementing C++, note to myself to improve on that. But hey, it felt great after I got my answer for the first time. I played music and sang for the next half an hour. Crazy me!! Although I ma yet to know why the algorithm takes 7 as its limit. I will open up and hopefully close this mystery today only.

Also, I have come up, accidentally only, with a very very great idea to make me remember that I need to do competitive programming. No, I am not going to disclose it unless it becomes successful. But remember Sandeep Maheshwari, he told that to eat less, he made a cut in his plate that said "32". I just did something like that. I also changed the wallpaper of my lappy to the file where I wrote what I need to do today. I am thinking of doing it everyday. Keeps me away from all the hassle of thinking of things that I won't be doing right now, and hindering me in doing things that I am indulged in at the moment.

Other than that, I was just waiting for a meeting. Got delayed by about half an hour. So, I thought why not write my first log entry. Yeah, and here it is.