Monday, February 3, 2014

Is our nationalistic identity being threatened by globalisation ??

I don't know what's bad if you are being given the choice to select between various items, so that you can purchase what you like , and more importantly what you want.

Consider a case where there is the only telecom service of BSNL and they are giving you the only option of a particular recharge.What your feeling would be like ?? =D .. or considering a more serious situation, there is an outbreak of a disease in your country and the require medicine cum technology is not available there. WHAT THEN?? 

Globalisation is in no way a kind of threat to our nationalistic identity. And what kind of national identity are we talking about ? Where no one knows you or would you like that people around the world know you, your work and appreciate you for that, and more importantly people get a positive thinking of your country.
Take the case of Reliance and Tata from India. They made it worldwide because of globalisation only and they are competing at their best making it sure that India holds a name in the chart.

And asking you, the reader only, what situation of the country would you like to be? Where people die of diseases and no one is out there to help them.. or people live a peaceful and disease free healthy life.And if someone is thinking of the second option, then he or she is surely in support of globalisation.
Globalisation has made the medicine available worldwide. It has helped improve the communication technologies, which make it easier to alert the relevant authorities to the outbreak of a particular disease. Disease control capacity in one part of the globe can readily be deployed to fight diseases in other parts of the world.

And one more thing, globalisation has helped us to know so many different cultures and mix with them. So many cultures and languages would have died had globalisation not been there. Take the example of  one of the primitive languages from our own country - SANSKRIT. Only a few people, excluding those who perform all the ritual kind of things, have the knowledge of this beautiful language. And they have not done anything, except a few, to spread it around the world. It is the people from the west only who are eager to know about it and they are the ones who are spreading it in the west. AND the case is not just of this language, I can take the examples of Ayurveda and Yoga too. If I go a bit further, countries like Britain and US are taking Ayurveda more seriously than our own country where it originated. And the thing is globalisation is not just spreading a language or a culture or technology, it is also helping to improve it to a good extent.

But then people go out to blame globalisation for the falling of a particular currency against dollar. So speaking of my own country, FDI has not yet been implemented to that good extent in India and the fall of Indian Rupee is not because of globalisation but due to the inefficiency of the ruling Congress government at present, which is otherwise also gonna be thrashed out in the coming up 2014 Lok Sabha elections. While the growth rate of India ,in general, is not that good, Gujarat has shown high growth rate in the same situation and NaMo is someone who is whole-heartedly in favour of sustainable globalisation and he has shown it with his governance and still not a single person in the state has lost his/her identity.Instead they are proud to belong to such a state. So loss of nationalistic identity is nowhere threatened by globalisation.

Coming to the next point, people often relate BRAIN DRAIN  with globalisation. But the case is not so.
We all know of Srinivasa Ramanujan. Had Hardy not been there, his ideas would not have spread all around the world. But that doesn't happen to everyone in the modern society. Do you want the great ideas of someone being wasted just because he is not allowed to work with like-minded people.
There are so many Indians working at CERN. Would you call it a brain drain? No.not at all ! It just shows the world what all talents do we possess and that's a good thing.
Rather there has been a process of reverse brain drain in the past few years. People of Indian origin around the world are coming back and that too with all the great experience and talent of theirs. Think of that students won't need to go to other countries for their higher studies (the improvement for this is already on the surge) or patients no more need to go anywhere else for their treatment. Isn't that great ?

So, if someone says that our nationalistic identity is being lost by globalisation, i can't help but think of some innocent child saying he won't compete or give the exams for he isn't still prepared, knowing in the heart that he would eventually fail because he knows too less and that he didn't put up all those efforts. GOOD LUCK to him then because he is neither going to learn something in that case, nor improve himself.. But then we can't let him go this way. He will be made to face the competition a few times, chances are pretty good that he will fail a few times, but then he will gradually learn to survive and not just survive but to make his mark, to make a point to this harsh society that it was never that he lacked imagination or creativity, it was just insufficient efforts on his part.. and now as he is having that, HE IS ALREADY ON THE WAY TO MARK HIS REAL IDENTITY!!