Thursday, January 14, 2016

Some more motivation for goals v2 !!

Ah, these second versions. I don't like to write them, but they do happen to be a reflection of the flaws in the previous version.

In my previous post, I talked of my desire to buy bean bags. I still do want them, but the point is the ones that are available in the nearby market right now aren't good enough for the price I might be paying.

Thus, it made me think of what might be more desirable than this. Seriously?! And then it hit me. I also really want to see many a television seasons, and what could be a better reward than this.

So, the goals remain the same as in the last post, but what changes is the prize money. Actually it's not money, you know. It's the first 3 seasons of Friends. Boom!! Boy, what more could you have asked for.

I thought for a moment to just go with prize of one season, but then if the work is so hard, then the prize should be a bigger one too. Isn't it so?

Now, what you are thinking and why the hell am I typing all this rubbish?! Just go, and get it, remember laughter is at stake this time.

Halla Bol !! 

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