Saturday, September 5, 2015

This week of mine : Goldman Sachs internship preparation ends

Okay, so a few hours before, the result for the aptitude test of Goldman Sachs was given, and I couldn't clear that. And yeah, that's bad and I can spend a good amount of time from now on, sitting idle and feeling bad about that, or I could just focus on what went wrong, and deliver my best to be much better the next time.

So, what went wrong? Well, everything. I couldn't solve more than 5 questions out of the given 15 general aptitude questions on my own, and that's really bad. And I mean it.

But there is no point being sad about that. The thing is such aptitude tests have always given me hard time when given to solve in a restricted amount of time. It's not like that I can't solve that. The problem with me is to have the speed and accuracy at the same time, where my speed has always knocked me down.

And the other thing, for which I guess I am pretty much upset from myself, is that only 4 out 20 test cases could pass for the only coding question that was given to us. The problem I see here is I need to be faster. Faster in coming up with a good algorithm, faster in implementing that. Because the problem is I had no time to generate my own test cases, which might have reflected why my answer was failing for so many test cases.

So, finally all boils down to practice, practice and practice.

To prepare for aptitude tests, I was looking at the answers given here.

And the answers seems to point to good resources. Do comment if you know of some other awesome resources to prepare for general aptitude tests.

Then remains the part of coding questions. Well, I think I am doing good in this area. I regularly solve questions, and in some time I will be fast enough to have spare time to have a good look at it once again.

At last I am ending this post with a part of one quote that happens to be my inspiration all the time.

If you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth.
And I know what I'm worth of :)