Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Times : Finally watched "The Intern"

Another week flew by, although this one would have its own place in my memory lane for a good long time. Reason? The week started off with me getting placed in a super-dream company. Yes, I am placed, and yes, it's hard for me too to believe that. It's hard to believe that I have a full year with me, with the chance to do whatever, seriously whatever I want to do with it.

To be honest, when I was sitting for this company, I wasn't even serious, because I didn't believe I could qualify their requirements. But with every step, I got lucky, and at the end, I was one of those who were selected by the company. Want to hear something better? I am just one of 5 who have been selected for this company, including Pranav and Sourav.

The next two days then just passed by, in celebration. I am in still in disbelief, really!

And finally, by the time Sunday arrived, I was thankfully once again clear with my head, and with what I want to do in the next few weeks. And yes, although I am not used to enjoy an entire day doing things I love, I would be certainly doing this more boldly from the next time.

And this is an irony. I can easily go on to waste the entire days of mine, but it's hard to enjoy the same. But one thing that I have realised with time is it's very important to find time for yourself, and I chose Sundays for the same.


And finally, I watched the movie "The Intern" on the Sunday evening. This movie was on my wait list from the time it arrived in October last year, and finally it felt really great to watch it.

Ben was a real inspiration in the movie. So old, and yet so energetic. Definitely, I would be someone like him. It takes lifetime experience to become a person like him. But the truth is most of us are like Jules. Confused of our abilities, short on time, and trying our best to manage work-life balance.

The movie has many learning embedded in it including but not limited to "believe in yourself", "the importance of real-life conversations", and "take time for yourself". The last one is something I talked of, a few paragraphs above.

It also talks of one thing that I haven't said till yet, and that is the importance of senior people in our life. However advanced we get in technology, we will always be short of experience that they have. And I am not saying we should take all their advice, but what I am trying to say is we shouldn't just simply ignore them. They have a value of their own.

And yes, nothing beats real-life conversations. It's your way out to everything. To create bonds, to maintain them. Maybe we are getting away from this as our world is getting digitized and we race for everything, but we still have time to get on track. Hope that some of us do, including me!

But the core of the movie is to believe in oneself. In the words of Ben, if you can start a company on your own and grow it from 40 employees or so, to 250 something, you can also go on to manage the same. So, just believe, that you can.

And yeah, now I also know why men should carry handkerchief.

I would end this post with a very motivating quote I read today - "If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will".

Goodbye. See you all next week!