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It's 19th of December, and I have not done anything of value in the past two days. But then I imagined a horrifying situation - what if the entire year or the entire life went the same way. Something that has disturbed me for quite too long!

As I take a glance at the past few years, I see myself improving over time, but there is no statistics of that. Also, couldn't this improvement be sped up?

I don't believe that a change in year number will change anything drastically, but with 2017, I am starting with measuring my improvement in quantity! :)


I will be measuring up myself in 2017 against the following yardstick -

1. My technical goals - It has to come first. There are so many awesome things happening in the world, and I am fortunate to be studying one such field of computer science. In the past years, I have set many goals, be it completing CS50 or Algorithms course, or learning probability or linear algebra, or building a chat app. How many of them have I completed. Rarely any!

With new insights, I would now be setting and achieving real goals, something that I can look up to,
when 2017 would be coming to an end.

2. My technical posts - I have written quite a good number of posts this year on this blog, but how many of them are technical. Writing technical posts would force me to learn and explore the new things in computer science, and be better at explaining the same!

3. Reading books - This year I have completed less than 5 books, but reading a variety of books only increases our understanding. The goal for 2017 is a mammoth in itself, but my love for reading books should make this journey beautiful. Goodreads will help me keep track of that.

4. Watching Movies - There are so many awesome movies out there to watch, the ones I have a list of, but I don't. I haven't watched more than 20 movies this year. Seriously? A movie, every Friday!

5. Travelling Places - Tagging yourself as a "traveller" doesn't help, going out to places does.

6. MOOCs for self improvement - There are so many online courses that may not come under my technical goals, but I wish to take them for my own pleasure. This one goes for that.

7. Contribution to the society - All my learning becomes more useful, when I contribute back to the society in a useful way. And you know, how strongly I feel for the same.

These are the 7 points I would be looking back a year from now, and I am pretty hopeful that I would then proudly share what all I did the entire year!

I will be placing this post as a page on my blog, and will keep updating the page with my progress.

Happy New Year to all.


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