Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Resources for Competitive Programming

This is a live post where I continue to add the resources that I find useful.

Bit Manipulation:

Slides for programming contest discussions :

Codeforces blog posts :

Another great resource ~

IIITH resources :

Implementation of algorithms :
Quora answers : 

Friday, August 21, 2015

What computer science things I am going to learn in the next 2 years ?

Although I study in a college, but most of the times, I consider myself as a self-taught programmer, who learns from the net along with his friends, and don't bother to depend on the boring college classes.

This answer on Quora made me realise how awesome and vast the field of computer science is, and hopefully I will get my hands dirty in these subjects in the next two years.

Thanks Ryan Witt.
Read Ryan Witt's answer to What skills do self-taught programmers commonly lack? on Quora

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This week of mine : HackerRank CodeAgon 2015

So, two days back, I participated in this contest and in my own words, I have to accept that I performed miserably. I could solve only the first question out of the five given, and two of the rest were actually based on segment trees, a data structure that I hadn't heard of till then.

So, of course this week I am going to learn this and spend my time reading and figuring out how to solve the rest of those questions.

I wish that was it. But there is another part of story. There happened to be a test yesterday of Computer Architecture, and out of the given two questions, I solved one which even a 10th grade student can solve, and the second one, which made the game level-play ,but I couldn't even understand the question.

What all this means is I need to give focus on my semester subjects also, because I am not able to understand much in the class in any of the subjects, be it this one, or Microprocessors, or Finance.

Which simply means I need to restructure my time management, otherwise I may not be able to enjoy these subjects, which in my opinion are pretty cool.