Monday, May 23, 2016

IITH Internship Diary - Week 1 : Getting the basics slowly

Well, the week started with a meeting with my mentor professor Dr. Vineeth sir for the first time on Tuesday. I was really excited about it, and my excitement for the project and machine learning in general only increased after meeting. He is really an enthusiastic person to meet. He basically told all of the interns more about their work, and what all new things are happening in the field of ML.

After that day, I started with learning logistic regression from the Ng's course. But then switched on to learning the basics of neural networks from here. Michael Nielsen really made the concepts very clear in the first go! But somehow, it still took me around three days completing the first chapter only. Later I also saw his TED talk on open science.

I guess it took me three days because I was not having any feedback loop to tell myself what all I have achieved everyday. I have already included this thing in my list from now on, so things will hopefully speed up from now on.

On Saturday, I raced through the later end of the first chapter. I would come back to the implementation discussion that he did, later on.

Sunday was a day well spent, learning about LSTMs. Christopher Olah has a really awesome blog. You must definitely check that out. And later part of the day was spent reading research paper. Although only bits of the paper were clear, I was happy that atleast something was clear this second time.

Also, I somehow landed on some of the amazing pages on the web, and I have saved all those links and I am definitely gonna read all of them soon. I would share them as I go on reading them one by one!


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