Thursday, June 12, 2014

dreaming big, working hard..

There was a time, i was failing
constantly, and not briefly
with no one to help, none bothering,
trying to understand me,
my feelings, my pain.

Maybe i wasn't working hard,
or not being dedicated or disciplined;
that's what was on everyone's lips to discard
me, my questionnaire, my hard to maintain grin.

But still believing my own rational judgement
to go on and on,
I pushed up to the limit
to fulfill the dreams that i own;

the dreams that were sown,
that were grown
mindlessly without much effort;
for the child was unaware of the discomfort
that it would gift
to me, my drift, my night-shift.

But it's okay to have such dream
that can shove you out of your zone
and fill you with talent to the brim,
to show the world the skills you honed.

So what if I didn't get that one,
plenty of them still reside in me
and gauging my drastic run,
I can make my shortcomings flee.

Now being dedicated, motivated, staunched, all in a row
I do know
which door to knock
when I am deadlock!

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