Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Learning the open source way at dgplug!

I still remember a first-year college student who, in 2014, somehow got to know of dgplug through Quora, and just jumped on the ship.

I still have that post that I wrote that time just like this one!

But I couldn't attend more than 5-6 sessions as I had to go to college then, and I was using chatzilla, and I got stuck with proxy problems. And that was a very big problem for that kid. I tried it a few times, but by then a lot had already happened in the training sessions. I have to leave it then!

Fast forward 2 years, and here you see the same boy writing this post while determined enough to not leave in between this time whatsoever!  And yes, to learn a lot more this time.


Regarding the current session going on, I got to have a virtual session with one core python developer, and I got to know about rst, bash and sphinx. I already was a little bit familiar with rst, but sphinx and bash are totally new and cool things for me. I would be reading and learning more about them as many related things are not yet clear to me!

Many other things did happen too in the sessions, and you can read about them at the link that I gave at the very starting.


I am really excited to see and learn the upcoming things in the training session. If all this excite you too, do join us at dglpug. And a big thanks to the dgplug team, who take out their precious time to teach others all this exciting stuff.

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