Friday, November 27, 2015


What a great timing it was! My last end-sem exam ended at 12 at noon, and 2 hours later, I was watching Tamasha ~ 1st day, 2nd show. From the time, I guess 20 days ago or so, that I listened to the songs of the movie, especially "Agar Tum Saath Ho", and watched the movie trailer, I decided that I am going to watch this movie in theater. I was already addicted to a few songs by the time I went to watch the movie.

Although I missed first 2 minutes or so, thanks to the traffic, I enjoyed the movie. And I mean it. I really enjoyed the movie. By the time the movie ended, I guess it was asking its audience what do they want in their life, will they change a little bit after they step outside the hall, would they still continue in a race they don't know anything about, or would they now do what they want to do?

Asking all these questions myself made me uncomfortable for a moment, I should say, but they were worth asking. And no, it was more that a love story, and this statement of mine goes to all the morons who came out of the hall with the words on their lips like ~ "not that a bad was the love story". I wanted to take them back to the theater and make them watch it again.

The movie talks of some deep issues of life that we simply choose to ignore. One that I also mentioned above is our auto-pilot mode. We are just running, running to somewhere, for something, but just that. No idea of why, where, anything!!

Secondly, the movie talks of this ever-demanding society. Everyone wants you to work their way. Behave like they want. Talk like they want. Study like they want. But in this "like they want", we miss ourselves. We miss what we want.

And then as the years pass on, we lose ourselves at some point behind all the masks that we keep wearing. But what when someone comes, and touches the deeper you? You panic, you react in abnormal ways. Because after all, you have forgotten  yourself. Yeah, that's the base theme of the movie.

But after all this, this dialogue of Ranbir Kapoor is to the point ~ "Kahaani to apni hai na, badal dete hai" ( It's our story afterall, let's change it )

And yes, that's what we should do, and that's what the movie ends with. We are running wanting other people to tell our story. But why? Ask yourself what you want your story to be like, and then make that story come true!!

It was a great movie, I loved watching it, and would recommend it to people of all ages.

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