Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This week of mine : HackerRank CodeAgon 2015

So, two days back, I participated in this contest and in my own words, I have to accept that I performed miserably. I could solve only the first question out of the five given, and two of the rest were actually based on segment trees, a data structure that I hadn't heard of till then.

So, of course this week I am going to learn this and spend my time reading and figuring out how to solve the rest of those questions.

I wish that was it. But there is another part of story. There happened to be a test yesterday of Computer Architecture, and out of the given two questions, I solved one which even a 10th grade student can solve, and the second one, which made the game level-play ,but I couldn't even understand the question.

What all this means is I need to give focus on my semester subjects also, because I am not able to understand much in the class in any of the subjects, be it this one, or Microprocessors, or Finance.

Which simply means I need to restructure my time management, otherwise I may not be able to enjoy these subjects, which in my opinion are pretty cool.

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